Volvo 240 Polar Estate

1e Registr. 1993 Color code 604
Km 106.900 Km HP / CC 112 / 1986
Fuel Petrol Status Verkauft
- Volvo 240 Polar Kombi
- Dark Blue-604
- First owner
- Garage parked
- Very well maintained
- All maintenance documented
- Original service and instruction books

This Volvo 240 Polar station car was purchased new in 1993 by its first en only owner Mr. Hams here in Holland. The first 7 years, the station car was used as a Family car by the Hams. In the year 2000, because of the new job with a company car for Mr. Hams, the Volvo was not needed anymore. It was too much for the Family to let go of the Volvo, for which they had saved so long, it was decided to save and store the Volvo. For the next 15 years, the car was stored at one of their friends storage facilities. In 2015, the Volvo was woken up again, and after much love and attention, the car was driven sporadically as a summer car, but only for a few thousand km's total. All history incl. ordering and purchasing papers, invoices and maintenance bills were saved. History also shows a Volvo magazine in witch this Volvo was featured when put back to live in 2015. The Volvo 240 is in great original shape, a very high quality young timer.

Service book shows services at,:
- KM: 6.939 (Volvo)
- Km: 15.270 (Volvo)
- Km: 33.824 (Volvo)
- Km: 44.181 (Volvo)
- Km: 56.455 (Volvo)
- Km: 68.345 (Volvo)
- Km: 80.167 (Volvo)
- Km:106.674 (Local serve)

Tires as new, no scratches, rust or dents, smoke and pet free!! Just go trough the photo's, and see for yourself what a beauty this is.

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